What You Can Expect

Adria Dickey is passionate about helping others achieve their estate planning objectives. She recognizes how difficult it can be to prepare for your death, or deal with the death of a loved one, and share your most personal information and family history with an attorney. Adria has helped many families in the midst of their most difficult times. Clients feel comfortable with Adria because of her compassion for others, and because she treats each client as her most important client. She works hard to make sure all aspects of a client’s matter have been thoroughly evaluated.


Situations Adria Dickey Can Help With

  • When a loved one dies, whether they were the grantor of a trust, died with a will or no will, Adria can help you navigate the confusing process of settling an estate
  • When a loved one needs nursing home care, Adria can help you with the Medicaid application process
  • When you want to plan for the distribution of your home, investments, belongings and other assets, Adria can advise you on the best method to achieve your wishes
  • When you need to designate others to manage your financial affairs or help make your healthcare decisions, Adria can prepare the appropriate documents for you
  • When a loved one has become incapacitated and you are the sole caregiver, Adria can help you with obtaining the documents necessary to show guardianship
  • There are numerous situations that Adria can help you with. Please call for more information.
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